Kurt Johannsen with Bertha just after she was restored in 2005
Inside view of the Buntine Pavilion
Cocktails at Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame
The real deal - Old Ghan NSU 58 diesel electric locomotive

The Bedford Blower Display

On the 29th May the new display, the Bedford Blower, from the Old Timers Museum at Coober Pedy was officially opened.  Trevor Berry, the owner of the Old Timers Mine handed over the Blower at the opening. Also in attendance was the Alice Springs Mayor, Damien Ryan and Mike Crowe from Desert Knowledge. The display was an initiative of the Outback Business Network. Liz Martin, CEO of the National Road Transport Hall of Fame, is proud to be a part of the "cross-border" promotion of tourist attractions and museums. Come and visit the museum to discover what the Blower does and how it works.

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