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Take a nostalgic trip into Australia's - and the world's - transport history at the National Road Transport icon. Become engrossed in, and perhaps relive, your own transport experiences surrounded by a unique collection of workhorses from yesteryear.

Front view of our  famous 1934 AEC roadtrain commonly known as the government roadtrainFront view of our famous 1934 AEC roadtrain commonly known as the government roadtrainThe AEC eight-wheel government roadtrain, with two self-tracking trailers, was designed and built in England specifically for desert warfare purposes. Only three were built, with one each going to Russia, South Africa and Australia for evaluation purposes prior to World War II. This is the only remaining example of what is recognised as Australia's first motorised road train.

The military - and WW2 - played a major role in the development of road transport. At war's end, soldiers returned with newly-developed skills and mechanical knowhow, and set about purchasing ex-military vehicles to begin carrying businesses, thus consigning the horse and buggy into obsolescence. World War Two also brought with it the very first uniform rules and specifications for heavy vehicles.

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