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MAN truck retrieving a 1945 Diamond T 980 US Army tank retreival tractor from Aningie Station

Retrieving vehicles from local and interstate cattle stations is a major part of the operations of the Road Transport Historical Society. This is co-ordinated through a team of volunteers utilising the resources of the road transport industry nationally or with the Society's own R600 Mack truck.

The Road Transport Historical Society Inc's restoration program is extensive, with rebuilding being undertaken in our own workshops and also by inmates of a local prison under supervision of Correctional Services staff.

With members throughout Australia, some of our supporters have taken vehicles from Alice Springs for restoration in their own centres, where teams of supporters re-create these workhorses to their former glory.

Some years ago the only two Rotinoff Viscounts remaing in the world today - regarded as the Rolls Royce of trucks in their time - languished in the wrecking yard of the complex. Once regarded as the epitome of ruggedness and driver luxury, they were recently disassembled and now one has re-emerged in its former stature - rising like the phoenix from the ashes to stand tall amidst the growing collection of memorabilia already on display at the National Road Transport Hall of Fame.

Big Bad John Lindsley tackles the Rotinoff Viscount

Again we reiterate that we take a very lateral approach to restoration. Our trucks are not returned to pristine condition - we want you to see and understand how crude modifications undertaken by our transport pioneers, whose only mechanical knowledge was often "engineering commonsense" in an era when mechanisation was in its infancy, enabling their trucks to operate in some of the harshest enviroments in the world.

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