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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

Bill Fitzpatrick has been a truck driver and operator since the early fifties, after 54 years at the same premises Bill still works seven days a week. Located at Charlton in country Victoria, Bill has owned and operated countless trucks over the years and was one of the first owners of Kenworths in Australia.

Bill gained his endorsed driver’s licence at 19 years of age and bought his first truck which was a Maple Leaf Chev to which he later fitted a 24 foot stock crate and trailer. There was so much work available to feed Bill’s passion that a huge succession of trucks followed. Over the years Bill carted anything and everything beginning with a lot of livestock cartage including interstate, and then linehaul, overnight, bulk grain with gates, general, beer and groceries to Charlton and surrounding districts, and a fuel contract with Shell from Geelong to the Wimmera.  Bill’s work would often mean weeks away from home.

Bill has employed many young drivers over the years making some lifetime trucking friends. He is a hands on man and would never tell someone to do something that he could not do. Bill was one of the main leaders in the 1979 truckies blockade to abolish road taxes. He manned the Ravenswood blockade.

Today Bill drives and operates a modern fleet with 16 prime movers and 30 trailers. Fitzpatrick’s Transport Services use the motto ‘Trucking is our Life’. Bill is also a keen collector of vintage trucks. Bill Fitzpatrick is indeed a trucking great.