Alan Gangelhoff Alan's Kenworth

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Alan started driving at 13 years of age. he had always wanted to be a truck driver and his first job wasn't the easiest he could get; it was carting timber from Nowa-Nowa to the rail siding at Bairnsdale and also carting pulpwood to A.M.P. Maryville for paper making.  It was hard physical work but he loved it.

In the late 50s Alan was driving Leyland Beavers on the Melbourne to Sydney shuttle for K.W. Thomas. He was the youngest driver in the company and was highly thought of by Lloyd Grove the Melbourne depot manager. He was there for three years.

Alan then started with Don Opperman driving 630 Diamond Ts in what was the largest fleet of Diamond Ts in Australia. He remained with Don for approximately seven years.  Following this period he commenced Gangelhoff Produce with a depot in the Melbourne market. The company grew and grew until he expanded to a new depot in Somerton, Victoria but still maintainig the original depot.

Alan now owns three Kenworths, a B-double, a semi and a 12-ton rigid. His company is now the largest produce company in Victoria. He carts produce all over Victoria and southern N.S.W. and just about anywhere else he can get a load.