SALI, Haset

Haset Sali Sali Bros. Transport

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Haset Sali was a solicitor with origins stemming from a transport and farming family in Shepparton, Victoria.  With his brothers, Alan and Sam, and other Shepparton-based transport businesses, Haset led the formation of the National Transport Federation (NTF) and was its inaugural president.

Under Haset’s leadership and guidance the National Transport Federation achieved stellar growth, starting from just five members in 1986 when it started growing to 1000 members by the time of his retirement in 1992.

Through the National Transport Federation, the long distance road transport sector provided a largely united voice to governments, unions and the community on many critical issues.  This was a very tumultuous period for road transport and governments gained much ground from the fact that the trucking industry was disjointed and could not present a united front on matters of regulation, taxation, enforcement or nay of the other issues facing the industry on national or state levels.  Haset Sali was successful in uniting his sector of the industry and presenting industry perspectives.

Importantly, Haset led a successful campaign to reform the key industrial award governing long distance transport operations, providing a basis for this sector to move towards wage parity and a doorway for the first time to workplace agreements.  He also led campaigns to achieve a balanced approach to safety to this sector at state and federal level.

In 1990, Haset presided over NTF’s participation in the formation of the Road Transport Industry Forum, now the Australian Trucking Association, in an historic move towards industry unity and national representation.

As a reflection of his commitment to this industry, at all times Haset held this position in an honorary capacity, at personal cost in terms of time, resources and financial.