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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

John Doyle is a legend in the trucking industry throughout the country.  He caught the driving bug whilst on a trip to Western Australia with his brother Ron, at the ripe old age of 18.

On returning east, he enlisted in the CMF in the transport division, rising to the rank of corporal.  He developed his driving skills in all modes of transport.  On discharge from the army Doylie went to work for Taylor Dalton, behind the wheel of a 1418 Mercedes Benz, moving on to Eagles & Braham, and Cold Storage TPT companies.  His dream was to own his own rig and he worked tirelessly towards that goal.

His business was born with the purchase of a cab-over Kenworth called ‘Happiness” and a lifelong love affair within the trucking industry began.  He moved to the Northern Territory with his young family, formed a partnership with Robbo.  A W-model KW, and R-model Mack joined their own rigs and ‘Tipper City’ became a reality.

John was tragically killed in a roadtrain accident in Darwin on 11/11/1988.  A legend in his beloved trucking industry, his exploits are still talked about today as those who knew him speak of the big man with the gap in his grin with fondness and love.  He was a true character of the trucking industry.  He paid his dues, earned his place on the wall and as John used to say “Happy Days”.  We are proud to honour him.