Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2007.

Ted (Greendog) Stevens has become a somewhat reluctant hero to the owner-driver sector of the road transport industry in Australia. He and his mate Spencer Watling were owner-drivers contracting to various transport companies mainly travelling back and forth over the Hume Highway.

It was a hard time for road transport and they, like thousands of others, were living the plights of the industry, struggling financially to keep their homes, families and businesses afloat with inequitable taxes and charges as well as low haulage rates.

They attended many meetings with Government Departments and the Transport Union. Neither listened or cared. So in 1979 with no improvements in the industry, Ted and Spencer, together with Barry Grimson, Colin Bird and Jack Hibbit held a meeting at Ted’s home and after much discussion decided it was time for action. This was not taken lightly by any of the five men, but a need to make everyone aware of the conditions people were working in had become a priority.

Monday 2nd April, 1979 at 5pm, the five men drove their trucks down the Hume Highway to Razorback Mountain and pulled their trucks across the road. They blocked it completely. On that day the five men who instigated the motion, became a major part of road transport history.