BAKER, Terry

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Terry Baker played a major role in pioneering the ‘development and introduction of the first B-double heavy vehicle combination in Queensland in 1985.

The B-double was a Canadian concept that had been used successfully in that country for many years and Terry credits Luya Julius General Manager Kerry Noyes with having the foresight and an unwavering desire to pursue a more effective, economical form of transport in Queensland. Terry’s own contribution cannot be overstated as it was his job to ensure that the new B-double concept worked. In his position as operations manager for the Luya Julius Bulk Division and workshop manager he was involved in all aspects pertaining to operational matters such as logistics, infrastructure, vehicle specifications, compliance and procurement. Terry personally drove this combination throughout the evaluation and assessment trials which required maneuvering the B-doubles around a figure 8 course delineated by witch’s hats. The course was successfully negotiated in both forward and reverse. It was during these trials that Terry clearly demonstrated that the B-doubles maneuverability compared favourably to that of a single 40’ tri axle trailer.

Queensland’s first B-double combination had an overall length of 23M and comprised of a Kenworth K125 6x4 primemover coupled to two Hockney Alcan tanker trailers in a tri-bogie configuration. This new combination had a payload of 35T a 40% productivity increase over conventional single trailer units and was initially permitted to operate for a period of six months between Maryborough and Bundaberg transporting Molasses.

Terry regards the receipt of Queensland Department of Transport permit no: BD001 to be quite an achievement and one of which he is very proud. This is especially significant when considering that B-doubles have since acquired national acceptance and are now regarded as the standard heavy vehicle combination for Australia’s road transport industry.

Terry was heavily involved in the trials of B-double operations in southern NSW and northern Victoria. He assisted Graham Elphingstone of Triabunna, Tasmania, with the design and development of a folding skell B-double combination for the cartage of 6 metre long pine logs to the Australian Newsprint mills at Albury.

As October 2010 will be the 25th anniversary of the successful introduction of B-doubles to Queensland, I feel that Terry Baker’s contribution is indeed worthy of nomination for acceptance into the Road Transport Wall of Fame.