BISHOPP, Richard

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Richard Bishopp, better known as Dick, arrived in Melbourne from the UK in 1965 with his wife and daughter after having driven his own Bedford and Foden trucks delivering mainly perishables, horse fodder and bricks.

After a short stint as a carpenter he took up driving 1418 Benzs, Melbourne - Sydney for Keith Moulday.

In 1970 he started driving a Diamond T for Lance Smith Heavy Haulage, and later moving up to Mack Thermodynes transporting machinery, earthmoving equipment, transformers, pressure vessels etc all over Australia. Because of ill health, Dick very reluctantly had to give up driving floats in 1981. When his health improved he began his own pilot car service, and due to his reputation as a very good float driver, this business quickly flourished. He could always be relied upon to provide a good reliable service to anywhere in Australia.

Dick had a good eye for detail and with his experience of many years on the road he was frequently asked to carry out route surveys for heavy haulage companies needing to move very large loads over long distances.