BOYLE, Kelvin

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Kelvin restored a 1953 Bedford truck which is in perfect condition. In  contrast Kelvin’s company has grown to 15 late model prime movers, mainly Kenworths towing B-double loads of livestock all over Australia. It is truly a national operation.

The company has grown to involve Kelvin’s wife, Wendy, and son, Anthony operating the office and day to day operations and son, Rodney working on vehicle maintenance and attending livestock markets. Kelvin still works more as a roustabout. Kelvin has been on the road for 55 years and covered millions of kilometres and has many stories to tell.

The funniest was when he and a mate revived a downed ewe by using resuscitation, neither letting on who applied the mouth to mouth. Kelvin was around when the rail system and Livestock Transport Association were at loggerheads and has seen many changes to regulations over the years. He feels the current system is much better. He also makes many comparisons between the trucks of yesteryear and the ultra modern rigs of today. What Kelvin likes about these new trucks is their reliability allowing the movement of livestock over long distances without loss of condition. Gone too are the days of lying over the engine cowling trying to get some sleep. As well as the time and effort Kelvin has put into the family business, he has been heavily involved in the CFA for 51 years. He has been Deputy Group Officer for the Hopkins Curdies Group since 1963 and Group Officer since 2001. Kelvin is an all round nice guy, well respected and liked by his neighbours and other transport operators.