DiTORO, John

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Giovanni (John) Di Toro was born on November 15th, 1943 in Abbruzzo, Italy. John migrated at a young age to Australia in 1960 and settled in Perth.

After working as a plasterer and tiler for several years, John began his career in the transport industry when he joined V & D Ridolfo in 1969 as a transport controller to work alongside his brother-in-law, Vince Ridolfo. John has taken on many pivotal roles at the Ridolfo Group of Companies, in numerous capacities developing his extensive knowledge and experience of the transport industry.

John was instrumental, in the 1977 importation of the Nicholas Heavy haulage trailer from France. This incredible role saw him manage major projects and often operate the trailer as well as the coordination of several French mechanics who came to train and assist with the maintenance of this revolutionary transport equipment.

During the 1980s John’s experience and dedication was heavily relied on as he managed the extensive logging, pole harvesting and transport operations of the company. His job varied for whatever go the job done successfully, including often happily getting behind the wheel of a truck himself.

Following Vince Ridolfo’s sad passing in 1988, John stepped in to be a major support, drawing on his years of experience to become a Director and Transport Manager. In 1990s John was a key support in restructuring the company.

The goal was to rebuild with transport once again becoming a major focus. John played a pivotal role in the negotiations and successful gaining of a contract for newly outsourced general transport for the state government energy utility. In recent years John has continued to manage the pole harvesting and transport operations with immense success which has seen the Ridolfo Group of companies continue to grow. John’s dedication to the transport industry has been evident for over forty years.