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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Steve Dustan has been in the trucking industry for 42 years and has driven a few million kilometres, most of them as a road train operator on the Sydney – Darwin run.

He was born in 1947 in Bourke NSW, the youngest of five brothers, two of whom are in stock transport. After working in shearing sheds and at the local meat works, Steve bought his first truck in 1968.

Initially Steve used a Dodge Tabletop with an 18 ft dog, and carted stock around the western New South Wales for several years. At age 22 he married Jill and both moved to Dubbo where their three sons were born. Here, he began his career as a general carrier by taking several loads of generators to Mt Isa Mines for Caringbah Haulage. Steve also bought a second hand cab-over Mercedes and worked with his brothers carting stock. In the early seventies he purchased a cab-over Kenworth and began travelling to Darwin full time working for Ansett, Don Campitelli and Roger Preston. In 1981, Steve bought a White Road Boss with a 400 Cummins and in 1982 he began a fourteen year stint working for AWI hauling fencing posts and wire from their plant tin Fivedock, to Mt Isa and Darwin and to properties such as Bularoo, Lawn Hill and Newcastle Waters.

In 1966 Steve began carrying flat plate from BHP Wollongong, and then worked for  Tolls carting steel from Newcastle to Darwin. Steve has carried such diverse cargoes as helicopters, yachts, army jeeps from Dilhi, equipment for resurfacing the Alice Springs airport, building materials for the new Darwin Police Station, light poles to replace those damaged in Cyclone Tracy and pipes for the China gas pipeline. In 1986 he bought a T650 Kenworth and in 1993 he replaced it with a T950 Kenworth. Steve is a keen supporter of the Kenworth marque.