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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Dennis Kennedy (DK to his friends) started life in North Motton, Tasmania. At the age of 14 his school teachers said he would make a great farmer so he started working on his father’s farm driving tractors, trucks and operating farm machinery.

In the early days DK worked in north Queensland driving trucks on a tin mine and later worked in forestry, in orchards, and on building dams in Stanthorpe where he met Jeanette, now his wife of 42 years.

At 21, DK was driving his dad’s International AB160, single drive, 160 Hp Cummins carting logs around Heyfield, Victoria and at 24 he bought his first rig, a 1418 Mercedes Benz. Dennis also became a competitive wood chopper and competed across Australia where he made some lifelong friends. Over the years he has carted just about everything on the back of his B-double, until a few years ago when he decided to have a custom step deck trailer made which he now drags behind his current T900 series Kenworth. Dennis has worn out 4 trucks and travelled over 10,000,000 kilometres in the last 42 years and when you ask him which was his favourite rig he says the “Superliner”. Some of DK’s trucking highlights include the time a massive log rolled on him in 1982 but thankfully he is here to tell the tale. The only place DK has not been to is Broome, Western Australia. Some of his most memorable runs include long distance running to Port Hedland in 2009 and a wide load to Darwin.

When asked how the transport industry has changed you will get the following response “Move with the times.” DK hopes to start driving a little less in the next few years but is looking for that trip to Broome before hanging up the keys.

Dennis is well-known on the road as a good mate who is willing to give a hand and give a cheery wave as he passes you by.