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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Doug Kitts was born in England and his family made the decision to move to Western Australia when Doug was six years old.

In 1965 Doug bought a 675 petrol Dodge and carting cars out of Adelaide for friendly service stations. He found this truck too dear to run so he upgraded to a Dodge with a diesel Perkins motor which he ran for 3 years.

His next truck was an International followed by a Mercedes Benz and then a 688 Volvo. These were all single drive. He took the plunge in 1974 and purchased two bogie drive COE Kenworths in Western Australia. The Grand cost of $ 28,500 and he named her “BIG GAMBLE”.  He then needed a new trailer so he went to Freuhauf in Kewdale and purchased his the tri-axle in WA.

Doug was now set up for carting cattle out the north-west which he did for 10 years back when the dirt started 40 km north of Wubin. He also was the first to purchase a superhefty tri-axle drop deck which was the best asset he had bought.

Overall Doug Kitts spent the majority of his life in the trucking business. He is well-known throughout the industry and even though he is now retired in Perth with his wife and daughter and plenty of grandchildren nearby, one should not be surprised if Doug is seen climbing out of a truck today.

He passed his passion for the ‘big toys’ onto his sons, George and Ross, both now truck owners in Western Australia.