McNAB, Angus

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Angus started in the transport industry in 1959 with the Manufacturers Bottle Company which was a subsidiary of Carlton and United Breweries.

His job was driving an old Bedford collecting second-hand bottles from bottle yards. He then progressed to country pick-ups driving an Atkinson with a 6 cylinder LW Gardiner engine, which was governed to 31 mph.

The Bottle Company then bought three Super Beaver and Hippo Leyland vehicles. Angus drove one of the Super Beavers picking up bottles from Northern Queensland, bringing them to Cairns or Brisbane breweries, then returning to Melbourne. Heading into 1960, his first trip Melbourne to Darwin was in a Leyland Beaver with three ton of Victoria Bitter stubbies on board. He did four similar trips in the Leyland and one in an AEC Mandator. MBC then bought 10 W-model Kenworths and he did Charleville via Mt Isa and this run became the norm for him until 1968, when he left the MBC and moved on to other companies: John Synan Transport, Brambles, Cubico (owner/driver), and Ken Mathieson Transport.

Angus was at John George Transport in 1974, when Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin and spent the next 18 months running roadtrains Melbourne to Darwin transporting building products for Grollo Brothers, returning via Tennant Creek to load copper dust for Mt Morgan. He was driving a specially built cab-over Kenworth, two McGrath Super Hefty 40’ trailers and a bogie dolly built by John George’s mechanics. Angus was with John George for 20 years, carting dry freight and fuel to various destinations, driving various Kenworths, Macks and a White Road Boss. Angus spent the last 6 years driving B-doubles for SRM Transport carrying powdered milk out of Warrnambool and butter out of Maffra Goulburn until he retired from driving in 2007.