OLDING, Gerald

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Gerald developed a passion for trucks as a child and began his trucking career at 14 with a job servicing the local milk truck fleet at El Centro Service Station in Launceston.

In 1966, local excavation contractor Lex Watts employed Gerald on the International ACCO tipper, performing domestic and commercial earth works in the Launceston area.

From 1967 to 1972, Gerald had a range of jobs including driving a Foden dump truck and International bin loader at Launceston quarries, driving an S-model Bedford carting explosives for Roach Bros in Melbourne and as a spare driver for Benders Fertilizer Spreaders in Northern Tasmania. In 1974, the purchase of a 1966 Commer seven yard tip truck was the start of a cartage contracting business which still exists today. Now contracted to Gunns Limited, the contract was initially with APPM, he was carting rock and gravel to forest and council roads. The Commer was soon updated to an International ACCO which kept the business going for another 4 years.

A deep love of Mack trucks resulted in a trip to Hobart in 1978 to view a 1968 Mack Flintstone. Having seen the truck and decided against it, Websters Dealership asked Gerald to drive the truck to Launceston. 18 months later, Gerald was still driving the truck and 30 years later, the truck is nearly fully restored in Gerald’s shed. While searching for a Cat 941 track loader in the early 80s, Gerald spotted an ’82 model Mack advertised in Melbourne. Thr truck was soon in Launceston and re-painted in Gerald’s signature yellow. 1987 saw the purchase of Gerald’s first new truck, a Mack Valueliner 350hp. This was later traded for a new Mack CH 427hp with a super dog trailer replacing the old pig trailer. The current truck is a new Mack Trident bought in 2003. A devoted, diligent and hard working husband, father and businessman, Gerald had not only focused on trucks for work. The late 80s saw the purchase of a Mack B61. The hobby ballooned and now includes a collection of 1959-1965 B-model Macks, including a B615 V8, B61, B47, a 1943 NM Mack, a 1949 EG Mack and a 1968 Mack Flintstone.

Mack trucks are in Gerald’s blood and are his life. His friendly, happy and infectious nature and love of trucks will mean that his beloved Macks will live in the family for many years to come, permanently making his mark on trucking in Australia.