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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Les Quigg was not quite 16 when he told the local police station in Innisfail that he wanted a licence to drive “real trucks.”

While he has never owned a business, he has been a faithful driver the whole of his life so the local police officer did him a favour when he gave him “the test”.

The test, 1960 style, comprised of young Les being required to reverse a caravan behind a “two tonner” through a cornfield. Les passed with flying colours and skipped his car licence going straight to a semi licence. He then drove for many years for a variety of well-known transport companies including York and Kerr in Sydney, Clive Brothers in Melbourne, Vaughans in Moorabin and Camerons at Bayswater.

Les recalls his best ever job as being at Linfox. “He really knew how to look after his boys that Foxy,” Les remembers with fondness. Working for a big company gave Les real insight into logistics, maintenance and customer service.

After that Les Quigg did some time driving with Wettenhalls in Notting Hill and then for Lindsay Brothers in Coffs Harbour before deciding he wanted something easier. Today Les drives for Safeway and Woolworths. It’s a “nice and easy” job running to Barnawartha three times a week and it has to be the “best job in the country.”