RIDOLFO, Vince and Domenica

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Vince and Domenica Ridolfo were born in Italy and migrated at a young age to Australia in the 1950s with their families to settle in Albany. It was here that they first met each other and began their commitment to transport.

Vince worked picking grapes until he had enough money to buy a utility which he eventually traded for a small truck which he used to cut and cart timber poles for the State Electricity Commission for the next twenty years. Domenica was involved in every step of the way with her husband’s plans for their transport company and thus began the legend of V & D Ridolfo Transport. Vince and Domenica together developed one of the most reputable and well known transport companies in Western Australia.

In this time they were the first transport company to bring a Peterbilt truck into Western Australia in 1964 and imported the first Nicolas heavy haulage low loader from France in 1977. Containing 128 wheels and capable of moving 400 tonnes, it was the largest low loader in the Southern Hemisphere. By the early 70’s, the business employed 100 people and the fleet comprised nearly 40 trucks, 20 bulldozers and Vince utilized a light plane to fly to all parts of Australia to manage the business.

V & D Ridolfo transport went from strength to strength and it was following many successful years that the Ridolfo Group expanded inot other interests including gold mining, farming, and a restaurant. It was following Vince Ridolfo’s sad passing in 1988 that Domenica Ridolfo has to step into the role of managing the entire company. Since then, often in times of difficulty and sadness, Domenica has overseen the Ridolfo Group of Companies expand and forge ahead. Into the 1990’s Domenica saw the company expand with transport still its major focus.

Successes in recent years have seen the company go into warehousing logistics with the acquisition of a major logistics company in 2001. This expansion saw the fleet grow to fifty trucks and over 120 trailers, with many of Domenica’s favourite Kenworths playing a pivotal role.

Domenica remains an important part of the Ridolfo Group of Companies, and has passed on her love of the industry to he sons Anthony and Daniel. Her love of trucks and all things transport related has been an important part of her and her families lives.

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