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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Adrian Sevenhuysen came to Australia when he was just nine years old from Holland. They landed and settled in Tasmania where the family took up share farming before they moved to Sale in Victoria where they share-farmed.

When he left school Adrian took a job where he learned to drive heavy earth-moving machinery on road and dam construction sites. It took him to remote locations all over the country.

One memorable incident Adrian likes to recall is the time he drove a rubber-tyred tractor all the way from Melbourne to the Ord River Scheme during its early days of construction at the top of Western Australia. After working there for a while he found his way back to Melbourne and became a truck-driver with Sticks Transport.

After that Adrian went hauling interstate with general freight for Len Wood Transport in Adelaide for 17 years. He then moved to Hay and took up a job with Scotts Transport of Mt Gambier where he remained for another 17 years. Adrian is proud of the fact he has an unblemished licence of 48 years. Adrian was fondly called “Pop” or “Pa” by most of the blokes on the road who appreciate his seniority and knowledge. To those who know him best Adrian Sevenhuysen will always be the legendary “PaPa”

Adrian retired in 2009 and is happy with his vegie garden and the occasional fishing trip. He’s always happy to have his old truckie mates call in for a cuppa but says he does not miss the road. It's just not the same these days.