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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Bob started working at the age of 14 carting potatoes from Dryslade to the Vic Market, helping unload, with L.A. & N.A. Mortimor. By the age of sixteen he was driving part of the way to give his boss a rest.

He got pulled up one day by the man in blue, funny the boss had an apron full of money from the markets (got let off). By the time he was 18, old enough to get a licence, he was driving an old Blitz  crane laying approximately 400 acres of pipes for a new sub-division.

After getting his licence he bought his own truck and carted pipes for James Hardie for four years all over the state. On selling his truck, he carted livestock for Ron Turner from Drysdale in a 190 International, single drive, which he remembers as being painted green and is now sitting in the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs.

After leaving Ron he then went driving for Alan Howard Refrigeration. On Howard closing down he then drove for Tarantos Refrigeration commonly known as the Black Fellow. After some time there, his licence was getting a bit hot, so he left and gained a job with Trans West Haulage Pty Ltd. driving roadtrains in the west where he was carting ammonia nitrate, 84 tonnes payload, with the Tris. He carted from Meekatharra, to Mt Newman, Pt Hedland, Shay Gap, Golsworth and Telefer Gold Mine. After six years driving there he went on to become branch manager for five years.