REA, Murray

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2011.

Murray Rea started in the transport industry around 1956, with Brian Gleeson at Killarney, Victoria, driving an R180 International carting produce and fertilizer. He then went to PR Malone’s at Grassmere Victoria, and he stayed there until 1975 when the company closed.

Murray and Jim Bligh then started Merri Transport at Easter 1975 with one truck. They carted produce, timber and coffee. A short time later they secured freight from the Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory. As the Cheese & Butter Factory grew, so did Kraft Foods (now National Foods). The work kept coming and still is today.

The company continues to carry WC & BF products to Melbourne, Strathmerton, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as B-double container skells to the Melbourne Wharfs. They also carry bulk milk for Murray Goulburn from Koroit, Maffra, Leongatha, Rochester, Cobram and Melbourne suburbs.

Murray was a genuine character of the industry; he has worked hard and continuously 7 days a week. He was also a very generous man and was always the first to help anybody that was having a hard time.

Murray was an innovator; Merri was the first carrier to run B-double milk tankers from regional Victoria to Sydney and the first carrier to run B-double skells from regional Victoria to Melbourne Wharfs.