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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2011.

Dennis Williams has been driving trucks for 43 years. He's driven everything from rigids to roadtrains.

This story is about Dennis who did truck stunts in Mad Max 2 and 3, who also drove trucks in 'Crocodile Dundee'  and participated in music videos and TV soaps such as Home and Away. Even after all this action and acting, being in movies and on television, Dennis  just sees himself as an ordinary truckie!

The movies and the soaps are a hobby compared to his real life driving. He's taught blokes how to drive including his son Grant Williams. He's helped out fellow truckers by lending them trailers or tarps or doing loads for friends if they get stuck. He was not paid for any of it. There's a thousand stories that could be told of Dennis and his driving wheels. Bottom line, he truly has a heart of gold.

The thing about Dennis and his trucks is that he gets up between 4 and 5am every day and goes to work; except to him it's not work, it's a way of life. He is still yet to have a holiday.

Today, at 69, Dennis is no spring chicken, but after driving trucks, doing stunts and raising 5 children he's done it all. His family is very proud of him and believe he is a worthy candidate for the Truckie’s Wall of Fame.