LAURIE, Victor Snr

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2012.

1904 – 1973

Victor William Laurie Snr was born in 1904 to parents Walter and Grace Laurie. As a young man he always had a love of motor cars and trucks. He enjoyed all things associated with trucks and machinery from driving to maintaining them.

In 1939 he married the love of his life, Priscilla Joyce Laurie. Their first born child was Victor (Jnr) and they went on to have four more children: Gloria, Les, Lorrain and Delia.

Throughout his life Victor owned a number of trucks and operated his own carrying business servicing the surrounding areas of the small Queensland town of Texas. Farming is the main industry in the region and was, until 1980, a tobacco growing area. In 2012 there is a silver mine and a large cattle feedlot in the region.

Victor’s business carried many types of freight including hay, wheat, livestock, and he did any other work that was available for his trucks. His wonderful wife always supported him throughout these years. When his sons grew up they bought their own trucks and worked in the business with their father.

In 1965, ill health forced Victor to retire to Toowoomba. Vic (Jnr) also moved to Toowoomba at that time and continued to build his own company, Laurie’s Transport. Les stayed on in Texas with his own trucks, but later moved to Toowoomba as well. Victor would be pleased that in addition to his sons, some of his grandsons have also followed him into the transport industry.

Trucking was Victor’s life and through both good times and extremely hard times he made a significant and lifelong contribution to both the transport industry and the local community he serviced and supported.

Victor William Laurie Snr passed away on the 6 October, 1973 leaving behind a loving family of his wife and five children and extended family. Priscilla passed away in March 1998. They are all sadly missed by their loving family.