LAWLOR, Clarrie

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2012.

Clarrie Lawlor operates his business, C & R Lawlor in the Scone area of New South Wales. He has been an owner driver since 1967 when he purchased a D model cabover Ford to cart livestock. Not completely happy with what was available Clarrie built his own stockcrates.

Over the years he has had a lot of support from Barry Day who owned the welding fabrication business in Scone. Clarrie today operates a CHR Fleetliner Mack and his core business is still live-stock and grain cartage in the Scone area.
He is dedicated to regular maintenance and keeping his Mack in immaculate condition often saying "All you need to clean a truck is a bucket and a chamois". Clarrie has no intentions of retiring as he wouldn’t know what to do with himself as he appreciates the mateship of the road.

Clarrie was nominated for the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame by his granddaughter who says that her grandfather lives for his truck and for driving. She believes that he is a loyal operator as some of his clients have had him transporting their cattle for over 35 years. Clarrie is shown great respect by his peers and he is a true gentleman.

Terry, Clarrie’s son, recently purchased his own truck and trailers. This made Clarrie very happy and proud and he hopes to see Terry do as well as he has in the industry.

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