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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2012.

Born in 1922 Ken Mawson became involved in the Mawson business in 1946 at the invitation of his father, Barney (E.B. Mawson) who had founded the business in 1912.

At the time Ken joined his father's business, having obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree, it was essentially a transport and plant hire business having approximately twenty trucks carting various products throughout the Murray Valley.  Over the next fifty years his experience and expertise expanded the business to include bridge building, quarrying, concrete and civil engineering. With his educational background Ken's duties were in administration and accounting rather than operating machines or playing a ‘hands on’ role in the field.

Ken communicated the vision for the company and had a very strong influence on the development of the company’s family based values. As Chairman, Ken ensured that the business grew according to a strict structure of control with everyone understanding their roles and responsibilities. Performance was clearly measured by dollars. Mawson’s business principles were well understood by all staff and there was an expectation that these principles would be followed.

Ken set the structure but the three Mawson brothers worked very effectively as a team as the company grew. Today the company is across thirty sites from Broken Hill to Wangaratta.

Ken retired from the business in 2007 and sold his 50% interest to Adelaide Brighton Limited.