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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2012.

Scott Madill was born on the 5 December 1970 in Brighton, Victoria.  Like his older brothers before him, he left school as soon as he could to work in the family business of Rainbow Furniture Transport. He did odd jobs around the yard and a bit of driving, it was not surprising that young Scott would put his focus on the trucking industry.

Scott had been around trucks all his life. His father had started in the trucking industry as an offsider for Wridgways Removalists and had gone on to work and subcontract to them for many years before leaving them in 1975 to set up Rainbow Furniture Transport. His father had been keen to provide the same opportunities in the trucking industry that Mr Wridgway had done for him many years earlier.

When Scott turned 19 he bought an International T-Line prime-mover and hauled the Melbourne to Brisbane run as a subcontractor for his father’s business for many years before upgrading to Kenworth which he thought was a much better truck.

Following the sale of the family business in 1995 Scott went to work as an interstate driver for Furniture Freighters Australia (now FFA Logistics).

Just a year later, in 1996, Scott decided he wanted to work for himself and purchased another Kenworth and worked for Refrigerated Road Ways on their interstate line haul operation carting all over the country. Refrigerated Roadways was at one time the largest refrigerated carrier in Australia employing over 900 staff. Just a few years earlier, in June 1991, Refrigerated Roadways had become the first transport operator in Victoria to be granted ‘interim’ approval to operate a B-Double along the Hume Highway. Up until then the Victorian Government has steadfastly refused dozens of applications from other operators.

Scott took a break from trucking for a couple of years before joining K & R Cooper in Brisbane doing local general freight. His brothers, Wayne and Dale, both work for the same company.

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