Bruce Kenneth Austin, also known as Silver, was born in Pasco Vale, Melbourne Victoria on the 19th of April, 1944 to Patrick and Ima Austin. Bruce grew up and married Rosemary and the couple had two children; Ashley and Amanda. The trading name for Bruce’s business is B.R.A.A Haulage. It is made up of the first initial of each of his family members; Bruce, Rosemary, Ashley and Amanda, his family.

Bruce is known as Silver not just because of his strike of silver hair, but more to do with his (cowboy) driving style; 'High Ho Silver- away!’

Bruce's father Pat was a truck driver. His first experience of driving a truck was as an eight years old, sitting on his father’s steering a 1950 Bedford tray truck. Bruce loved it. It was inevitable he would be a truck driver. As soon as he was old enough to get his licence Bruce got a job driving a 1956 Leyland Buffalo. Bruce and the Leyland carried loads of up to 100 ton all over Australia for the princely sum of £40 (pounds) a trip. It was good money for its time. Bruce later drove long distance carting heavy haulage, dangerous goods, LPG gas and bitumen. His original love was a B Model Mack truck. He has loved them ever since. However, the truck that stole his heart is the Kenworth T601, which he has now driven for over 11 years.

Silver is well known for his driving skills and has had any major accidents in his fifty years on the road. A highlight of his career was being presented an award for 25 years of dedication and excellence from Cootes Transport. Bruce also sub-contracted with some of Australia’s most iconic companies such as Leechies, Burdettes, Cootes and Doolan Heavy Haulage. He always stayed loyal to those he worked for over long periods which is indicative of Bruce’s devout work ethic.

Bruce has always been well known as a professional and punctual operator who kept his machinery ship shape and safe. He always arrived at his destination on time, every time, no matter the circumstances or restrictions. Bruce Austin loves his truck, the open road and the industry but most of all he loves being his own boss.