PARSONS, William "Bill"

William (Bill) Parsons was 19 when he started driving trucks. He began driving for the late John Duryea of Balranald. His first truck was a WC 20 White and his first trip was a load of fruit to the Melbourne market.

Bill continued to work with John for 15 years then went to K Harrison & Son’s carting livestock and wool for another 15 years. He also drove for Mick Weekley, K & SL Nelson, Balranald Roo works and Bert Nelson. Overall Bill drove trucks all over Australia for 51 years.

Some of the rigs Bill drove were S5 Ford with a 6 cylinder motor, a Kenworth with a Cat motor. A G88 Volvo, a diamond T 6V53 Alison Auto Box and a White Road Commander with a Cummins motor. He carted many things including fruit, livestock, wheat, wool, superphosphate, cars, fuel, kangaroos and rabbits.

Bill tells of getting bogged out on the Oxley Highway to set alight to the stock race to keep warm. One time he was pulled over by the police telling him he was over height. Bill explained that the wool bales were 10 foot high. The officer said sorry and let him go. He didn’t take into account that the load was already four foot off the ground. Bill’s lucky day.

He once took his four year old son for a trip to Melbourne. They were on their way home when Bill could smell something. Sure enough the young fellow had had an accident, so Bill found a puddle on the side of the road, stripped the boy off, threw him in the puddle then dried him off. He wrapped him in a blanket for the trip home but the boy would never wear those clothes again.

Bill retired from the trucking world in 1997 aged 65. He is resting up now aged 83 after raising seven girls and one boy.