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Year: 2004


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2004.

Rick Lay learned to drive at seven years of age. He sat on his father's lap to steer an old Q Dodge around the streets. His dad owned Lay's Transport in Stanmore. There were 17 trucks carting ice, milk, wool and general so it is no surprise Rick has an interest in trucks.

At the age of 12 he could master the art of changing a 12 speed pogo stick in his dad's 650 MAN whilst sitting on his lap. He would always have a go whilst climbing the Razorback Range on their regular trips to Canberra.

His first job was with Fleet Xpress Botany. When he turned 18 he started carting portable classrooms all over the NSW. At 21 Rick had a serious accident in a 3070 and lost the lower part of his right leg. This did not deter him and within five months he was back behind the wheel in a Flintstone Mack. He worried that he would not be employed having an artificial leg so he avoided telling anyone until he had proven himself. An old mate, Colin Whiskers Rudick took young Rick under his wing. From then on Rick was never out of work. He worked with a number of interstate mobs before settling at HG Pullin for about five years.

With a young family to think of, Rick moved to Tamworth, NSW and got a job carting Mastermaid Ice-cream and later for Carey's before taking a job with the then Dept of Consumer Affairs, a job he holds some 20 years later.

Rick has worked tirelessly for the industry and for charity, contributes to Owner/Driver, has organised and managed truckie memorials both at Tamworth and presently at Putty Road. He is a foundation director of the TransHelp Foundation. Rick is well respected among his peers and there is never a quiet moment in his life.

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