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Year: 2004


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2004.

Peter grew up in the north-west Victoria, west of Mildura at Lake Culleraine. When he was about 14 years old his family moved to the Wandong District. Shortly thereafter, in 1951, Peter started work at the sawmill in Blackburn, Victoria.

This was the job that lead him to drive his very first truck, a KB5 International. He was driving for a while before he got his driver's licence at the age of 17½. In 1953, he took a driving job for Kraft Foods in Port Melbourne.

In 1956, Peter started with DE Cameron at Doncaster, Victoria, driving an old Albion AEC truck on the interstate Sydney market run before, in 1960, starting work with Liquid Cartage Interstate Tankers in Melbourne driving tankers. At the end of 1961 Peter started work back at DE Cameron Doncaster and in October 1962 he was given an S-model Kenworth to drive. It was one of the first Kenworths on the Australian highways and would pave the way for Kenworth's eventual introduction into the already competitive market.

Peter continued driving Cameron's fleet of Kenworths up until 1969 when the business decided to purchase three spread-drive Kenworths with dog trailers. Most of the time these combinations ran; one between Melbourne and Brisbane and the other two between Melbourne and Sydney. Peter was always in one of them.

In 1970 Peter received the prestigious Driver of the Year Award and then in 1971 he was the runner up of the same award. Peter was renown as both a true gentleman of the road and one of the most professional in his field. Peter Ceveri went on to become the linehaul boss with Camerons. In 1974 he commenced work as the manager at Monier Trucking Movement and in  1871 purchased his own tipper.

With the tipper and dog he went carting gravel and sand right up until his semi-retirement in 1986 when he sold out.

During his semi-retirement Peter became a funeral director with Le Pines Funerals until 1999 when he formally retired from the workforce having been a real prime mover in every sense.

Shell Rimula Wall of Fame

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