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Year: 2003


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2003.

Norm was known as Australia's oldest working truckie right up until his death in September, 2001.  For those that knew him, he was certainly also Australia's most courteous and friendly truck driver as well.

He was one of those characters of the road who seemed larger than life; but when you got to know him he was just a genuine down-to-earth bloke with a truly magnificent attitude.  Despite many requests from family and doctors he refused to give up the road.

He left behind a life-time of stories which will long linger in the memories of his mates who called him "old fella" or simply "the Boss."  Raised in Narre Warren North, Norm always fondly remembered that he did his first interstate trip to Sydney on the first Anzac Day after WW11 had ended and he didn't stop until 21 July 2001.  For more than 55 years Norm carted fruit to Sydney and coke back to Melbourne and later, conveyor belting for the mines and heavy equipment for the power stations and turbines in the Snowy River Scheme.

Norm knew every road in the area like the back of his hand.  He also knew almost every other truckie on the road and always acknowledged the common bond between them with a passing nod of his head or a wave from the wheel.  He was so reliable and efficient in his punctuality that truckies travelling in the opposite direction were said to "set their watches" by him when he went past with his trademark big grin.  If he wasn't there, concern went up and down the road until his well-being was verified.  He was also a welcome sight in truck stops and rest areas where he always had a cheery word or a cheeky joke to keep the morale of his workmates up.

In 1979, at the age of 79 he bought a 250 acre beef cattle property near Labertouche Vic.  Proving he was never too old, Norm didn't stop trucking but tried to slow down instead combining his love for trucks with his love for his prize cattle.  Norm also had the honour on 5 December 1992, of being the oldest truck-driver the police could find, and of being the last truck through the city streets when the Goulburn Bypass was opened.  He received a hero's welcome that day - as he came to do just about everywhere he went.

Norm was a true Aussie icon, literally a man in a million who endeared himself to thousands of people throughout Australia.  He was, without any doubt, one of the most respected and loved truck drivers to ever work in this country.

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