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Year: 2002


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2002.

(1940 - 2005)

Owen (Snowy) Eyles was born in Ouse, Tasmania in 1940.  At the age of 15 he got his first load of wood on his father's 1937 Maple Leaf but it would  be another ten years later before Snowy purchased his first truck as an owner driver.  It was a 'state of the art' J6 Series Bedford.

He took delivery on the same day Australia changed over to decimal currency.  Soon after, while working in the logging industry, Snowy purchased his first new truck.  It was an 1840 International truck.

In approximately 1973 Snowy purchased his first Volvo, an F86, for line haul work.  Realising the truck wasn't big enough he soon upgraded to a N10 Volvo.  It was the first N Model to go to Tasmania but was eventually traded for a G88 due to the prohibitive transport regulations in that state.  It played on Snowy's mind so much that he  became one of the foundation members of the Tasmanian Truck and Operators Association, which was formed to fight what Snowy calls Government regulations and TWU standover tactics.  Snowy was southern president for nine years and was made a life member in 1992.  Snowy was also a member of the Road Safety Consulative Committee and held that position for over a dozen years.  Snowy was also a very active and enthusiastic member of the Tasmanian Transport Council for eight years.

With the purchase of an N10 Volvo Snowy pulled trailers for Woolworths until his retirement in 2000.  He was awarded a plaque from the Truck Owners and Operators Social Committee in recognition of his organising of 100 trucks annually for the Fun Day Truck Rides and BBQs for the special children of his home state.

Snowy was a man who believed in his industry.  Sadly, he passed away on 10th November, 2005.

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