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Year: 2005


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

It is no wonder Errol Westwood has a passion for trucks.  He grew up with a father following trucking jobs around Victoria with his family.  Even as young as six he was driving and reversing his father's truck through the trees while collecting timer for the local mill. 

Errol was proud of his father's work and his father's truck.  Once, when his father went on holidays, leaving Errol home with his sister, he hand-painted his father's truck for a surprise.  His father 'loved' the paint job saying it was not bad.

Errol's parents encouraged him to do a correspondence course with Marconi School of Wireless and he obtained his qualifications as a TV & Radio Technician, an area in which he worked for approximately five years.  Much to his mother's horror, the young Errol decided to put that career aside and go driving trucks for a living.  Errol had found his niche in life.  From that young age of 20, right up until he retired in August 2004, Errol worked in the road transport industry.

During all the years Errol drove interstate; Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, he only had one minor accident while unloading his truck at a Brisbane depot in 1988, when a 20 tonne forklift carrying two containers hit a rut and dropped the containers onto his truck.  Everyone thought the truck was a write-off but after finding an old wrecked Diamond T in a sawmill at Murwillumbah, the truck was back on the road after three weeks.  Errol and the Diamond T marque are still inseparable to this day.  His first truck was a 1959 Diamond T which he still has.  It operates today on historical plates and is still painted in TNT colours which was its last job.  This vehicle travels to many show with the Historical Commercial Vehicle Club QLD of which Errol and his wife Pam are both keen members.

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