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Year: 2005


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

Peter's love affair with trucks began as a child. His father, Bill, owned a trucking business in Albury, NSW, and Peter was his constant companion. He began driving at the age of 16, working for his father, until he branched out on his own.

He bought his first truck, an R190 Cummins powered International from his father which he worked with for a number of years carting logs to and from the bush. Over the next 20 years, Peter was an owner-driver carting timber, bricks, tiles, etc. interstate.

Many a building supplier has Peter to thank for the safe delivery of their goods. Peter did his own servicing and maintenance and most of his own repairs. During this time his trucks included an LS 1923 Mercedes, a G88 Volvo and a K124 Kenworth. After he sold his trucks he worked as a driver for three, or four, companies. He then took about a year off, without pay, to transport the jet-powered truck, the "Waltzing Matilda," around the country to raise money for the Spastic Society. Peter then thought it was time for a change in occupation and bought the Jindera Pub but the lure of the highway proved too much. Trucks have been his life long passion, and so after 2 years, he sold his business and was back on the road. His larrikin nature and his off-beat sense of humour has made him many friends.

His many and varied experiences has resulted in countless tales and amusing anecdotes. One story that comes to mind was one that took place in Albany, WA. The local constabulary had showed an interest in the "Waltzing Matilda," asking many questions. They thought it would be amusing to handcuff Peter to the bullbar and take a photo. Photo taken, they laughed and left him while they went off for lunch.

Peter is 64 years old and still trucking in 2005.

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