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Year: 2005


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

The story of Alan John (AJ) Colliver starts back in 1947, when as a young 23 year old Alan had tried a few jobs and decided there was a need for a carrying business in the small town of  Arthurton.  A truck could earn him a living and support his bride, Catherine.

It wasn't long before the business outgrew firstly the KS-5 International and then a Bedford. A much more powerful and faster International, which was able to tow a larger trailer, was needed.. The International brand then carried Alan through his trucking life.

AJ & C Colliver carted bagged super from Wallaroo to local farmers, bagged grain off farms at harvest time, stock into local markets and sometimes to the nearest railhead, because they were not permitted  to cross the railway line without a special permit.

Late in 1947 Collivers were admitted into the Yorke Peninsula Carriers Association. As the 1950s rolled in so did the work.  Alan and Cath employed AJ's brother Ross and a good friend Glen Gay. Three truck and trailer combinations were kept busy carrying grain from inland grain stacks to Wallaroo. Work was allocated by the YP Carriers Association. Harvest in particular was a very busy, backbreaking time. All parcels, boxes and drums of fuel were loaded by hand.

A load of general would have to be unloaded the next morning and stock crates would be put on ready for a load of sheep to be picked up from a market. All stock carted past a rail siding incurred a 2.5% levy.  One of the bigger contracts was to cart bagged cement from Adelaide to the E&WS site north-east of Arthurton where Dillinghams were building two, two million gallon water tanks to supply the Yorke Peninsula. Each bag had to be delivered by hand to the side of the tray .

The business was sold in 1959 to Arthur and Denis Wheare. They operated together for six years until they formed their own businesses. Matthew Wheare and his mother Jean continued to operate as DJ & JM Wheare after the passing of Denis in October 2003.

Alan and Cath bought the family farm and still enjoy life.

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