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Year: 2010


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2011.

Trevor began his trucking days very early reversing his father's truck out of its parking bay and driving it back in when he was just a child. A guilty conscience made him confess and his mum and dad thought it more amusing then anything but told him not to do it again.

He then went on, before he was 20, to operate his first truck, a Chevrolet of about lend-lease vintage. This was followed by a five-ton 1949 Ford which was the only truck he bought new. Then came a Diamond T and lastly an F700 Ford. Trevor drove many other trucks along the way, notably a Leyland Beaver with which he carted a 25 ton switchboard from Adelaide to Peterborough in South Australia getting seventeen punctures during the trip.

Another truck was 28- wheel Leyland and dog which Trevor drove for Zarb Transport in Mackay hauling molasses before he retired, being a returned soldier attached to transport division in New Guinea during WWII, at the age of 60. Trev thought the Diamond T was the best truck that he had ever operated, but he had difficulty getting some parts for it, notably brake shoes. On one occasion coming down the Hume Highway with his partner Owen Houston, the police pulled them over. The officer said to Trev, It took you long enough to stop, to which Owen replied, I don't know, I thought he did a bloody good job seeing as he's got no brakes!

Trevor was an excellent driver and watching his smooth racing changes on a hill with the old Ford crash boxes was something to be remembered. Trev enjoyed his driving days and he will live on in our memories.

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