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Year: 2011


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2011.

Snow Rolls was one of 6 children raised on a farm.   His interest in trucks stemmed from helping his father who owned a mail run.  At the age of 12 Snow would do the mail run around outlying farms (at times with his mother as co-pilot).  He also drove an old Bedford around the farm picking up hay etc.

From 1971 to 1975 Snow drove for NK Collins of Toowoomba hauling timber and for Fitzgeralds Transport, Brisbane, carting general freight from Brisbane to Darwin.  He and his wife Maureen were married in 1973 and made Toowoomba their home.
In 1975 Snow went to work for N & A Reilly Transport, Toowoomba where he worked on the Moomba Pipeline. Maureen followed with a caravan for their home and temporarily lived in Cobar, Leigh Creek and Broken Hill where their son Brendon was born.

Snow returned to Toowoomba and invested in his first truck in December 1975.  It was a Mack B-61, single drive.   Over the next 6 years Snow rebuilt this truck to a bogey drive and added a sleeper cab which meant the end of sleeping over the steering wheel or on top of the load.

The B-model was sold in 1981 and replaced with a Flintstone 1968 Model Mack which Snow purchased from Robbie Davis.   His daughter Lauren was born this year as well.

The next 30 years have seen Snow slowly rebuild the R-model, bit by bit, into a Mack Superliner.  Its last major rebuild was carried out in 2010 when he and Lyle Holley changed the chassis rails.  He has always carried out the maintenance on his truck himself with the help of his family at times.

Snow has hauled all types of freight including timber, wool, stock, grain, fuel, cotton, general, heavy haulage and oil and gas rigs. Since buying his own truck in 1975 he has always been an owner-driver.

Snow is a most admirable person, big in stature but quiet in nature and is respected by all who know him.   He has many good mates and business friends who hold him in very high regard.  He is always 100 percent committed to his work and puts the same excellent effort into the smallest job and the biggest job.  

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