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Year: 2011


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2011.

Ted Rowe's family started logging in 1925. He is the third generation logger and is still driving a C500 Kenworth B-double daily.  Ted and son Richard now run the logging business with three C500 Kenworth prime-movers.

Ted began his driving career accompanying Fred Hornby, who was employed by L & M Rowe, as a truck driver.   He purchased his first truck, an S-model Bedford in 1957, the year he turned 18.  Two Fords followed. On April Fool's day 1960 Ted had a narrow escape when he had to bail out of one due to brake failure. Ten years of International trucks followed.

In 1972 Ted recognised the need for a much better truck for his job in the bush and the type of work that was presenting itself. Ted and his cousin Gavin travelled to Melbourne seeking to buy a Mack, but ended up at Kenworth Trucks.
This was the start of Ted's friendship with Manny Melkonian, which continues to this day. He came home to Hamilton the proud owner of a second hand S-model Kenworth, GM 8V71 which was followed by:

    1973 by another S2-model Kenworth Ex. Mc Fees.
    1974  a new S2 Kenworth  6V71 GM
    1976 S-model 8V71 ex Charlie Roker.
    1977 a new SAR Kenworth 8V71
    1980 a new S2 Kenworth 6V92
    1981 a new W925 Kenworth Caterpillar 3406
    1986 a new C500 Kenworth Caterpillar 3406
    1989 a new C500 Kenworth Caterpillar 3406
    2000 a secondhand C500 Kenworth Caterpillar 3406
    2004  a new C501 Kenworth Caterpillar C15

In late 1980 the industry changed from hardwood to softwood. Ted and Richard have worked in the Grampians where Ted's father, Len and uncle, Malcolm, had been cutting redgum in the 1930s.

Ted is known for his casual approach to life, for being a generous and wonderful friend and a colleague who is always willing to help anyone in need.  Ted has been there to mentor and kick start many younger, less experienced operators who all admire him and are grateful to have shared time with Ted.  Many times Ted has said that he is very fortunate to have been able to do what he loves doing.

Shell Rimula Wall of Fame

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