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Year: 2011


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2011.

Faye Nayler was born in Ingham, North Queensland on 22nd October 1932.

In 1961 Faye went to Coober Pedy to cook at Brewsters Motel. Later she opened the WINDLASS CAFÉ where passengers travelling on Pioneer Coaches enjoyed fresh scones and tea. A venture which was later destroyed by a tornado.

Faye purchased a one ton International truck in 1964, replacing her old 1956 Vanguard ute. Faye's favourite truck was her International Bogey-drive Load Star which was converted to a drilling platform with all hydraulic operation. It was designed in conjunction with Faye and was  manufactured by Daniel De Compo of Coober Pedy.

Life on the Opal Field was exciting and her career spanned café proprietor, opal miner, dugout builder and cook. Faye recognised the potential of tourism as intrepid travellers were braving the dirt roads. Outback Australia was becoming a popular destination. The 1960s saw traffic increase dramatically, all on a dirt road evolved from station tracks. Buses and trucks became frequent users of, THE TRACK.

The outback captured her heart and Faye returned to her love of working with people. After months of backbreaking digging, the OPAL CAVE was ready and became her livelihood, passion and long involvement with the coach industry. A doubledecker bus was home for 5 years before extensions were completed. The business sold in 1982.

As tourist operator/owner of Coober Pedy's famous Opal Cave, Faye provided tours, lectures, camping, cooking and shower facilities for over 573 coaches a year. Such services were invaluable when breakdowns occurred, for arranging the acquistion and transport of parts to a location, and for liaising with the coach company's home base and police in event of accidents or death.

The unpredictable Stuart Highway, corrugated, billowing dust, deep bulldust holes or muddy quagmire could bog vehicles for days. There was much camaraderie. Your best mate was the truck or coach travelling behind or towards you. You always helped each other. Stories and memories abound.
Retired, Faye lives in Brisbane with friend and former company secretary, Elwyn Holohan. Faye and Elwyn's contribution to the Coach Industry was recognised by the Australian Long Distance Experienced Coach Crews - February 1983 (of which Faye was a founding member). A handcrafted mirror etched with the image of a Denning Coach was presented to TWO GREAT LADIES FROM A GRATEFUL INDUSTRY.

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