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Year: 2011


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2011.

Kevin, best known as KB, left school at the age of 15 and joined the family business carting asbestos to Point Samson from Wittenoom with an AEC Monarch. The family also carted manganese from Peak Hill to Meekatharra. His father and his two boys were known as Mumbles, Stumbles and Grumbles amongst their peers.

For the next 12 years he continued to cart a wide array of materials, asbestos, manganese and sections of the Marble Bar railway throughout the Pilbara. In 1963 he married the love of his life, Shirley, and the first of their three children was born in 1965.

His first trips east were in an AEC carting general goods. In 1970 with three children he continued to travel east/west carting general goods. In l970 Kevin started working with the Main Roads Dept., constructing the roads and bridges throughout the northwest.

Based in Port Hedland for the next four years he worked as a transport operator for United Hire Services running throughout the Kimberley and Pilbara regions servicing mining, drilling exploration sites and remote communities.

In 1979 the family moved onto Karratha to manage Swanline Hauliers. From late 1979 to 1984, the company was merged with Brambles Manford. As a result of the distances between work and family, Kevin transferred to Brambles in Kewdale.

Kevin bought his first truck, a MAN prime-mover and contracted to Bells Bros, pulling a pantech sectioned as frozen/chilled and specialised general cargo, and servicing the mail and food run to the townships of Leonora, Laverton and the great eastern Eyre highway roadhouses to Eucla. During this time he updated to a new Scania 142H.  When RAND Transport opened its doors in late 1986, Kevin became a primary contractor of refrigerated transport from Perth to all eastern states. He upgraded prime-movers and trailers a number of times. Kevin enjoyed having his own business.

 In 1998 his final pride and joy was purchased, a Ford Louisville, the last of the Fords. He called it his Yankee Poodle being that it was American and French. Like most of the trucks he had become attached to it served him well. (It was often said that he was married to them).
In late 1999 his diagnosis of mesothelioma put a stop to his explorations. His early departure was indicative of his travelling creed. He spent his final months with family and friends close by his side. See you on the way back, KB.

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