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Year: 2019

JOHN EDWARD YOUNG started his long career in the road transport industry, following in his father Keith's footsteps, in 1971 at his home town of Wingham. He initially drove a butter box ACCO rigid for Tyler's Transport of Wingham NSW. It was the start of a career that would go on to last more than 33 years. Unfortunately John's father was killed in a truck accident but John has managed keep his father legacy alive to this day. From there he moved to Manning Valley Freighters Taree where he was introduced to interstate transport and sent across the border in a 1418 Mercedes Benz. He recalls his first trip was to Melbourne was "nothing short of a nightmare" but he perservered.

John then moved onto Byrnes Transport in Taree for a few years before moving to Lindsay Bros, where he worked for over 13 years. He later did a stint at Frigtrans doing interstate driving before starting with Roadmaster to run Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide where he would forge a long lasting friendship with Denis Robertson. In later ended up at Wickham Freight Lines, working a bit closer to home. He stayed right up until a severe medical condition resulted in the loss of his right leg. Unfortunately this forced him to prematurely retire from the industry. Now retired John lives in Guyra NSW with his wife Sue .

John is a man who could make a mile albeit sometimes in a not so legal fashion John earnt himself an infamous reputation. One such truck he had in his command was the famous 'Capricorn Dancer' which was a W model Kenworth "which had some seriously long legs". Over the years John has forged many solid friendships within the transport industry and is held in high esteem by all who have come to know him; relationships he still maintains to this day.

John is quick to acknowledge that with the love and support of his wife Sue, three children and seven grandchildren his journey through some tough years has been made easier.

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