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Year: 2010


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Jamie 'Bones' Newman was born on the 8th of August, 1953. His career started fifteen years later when he worked loading scallops and sheep skins as well as washing trucks and trailers for John Jarvis Transport.

At 18 his driving career began behind the wheel of a TK Bedford tray truck carting general freight through Port Lincoln for Hancock Transport.

The transition up through the ranks landed Bones in a petrol 180 International, single drive, with a single-axle trailer and then to an R200 Inter with a 130 Cummins engine. It was a single-drive, lazy axle and, on the eight hour trip to Melbourne from Lakes Enterence, did 40mph flat out down hills. Memorable events, good and bad, he remembers with a cheeky grin and a tearful eye. Fond memories of pulling up to change a tyre and having a couple of stubbies with the other five drivers who had pulled up to help, make for interesting listening. A sadness in his voice reigns as he reminisces about his lost mates, especially Bob McKerlie, a young, vibrant, happy truck driver, father and husband whose life was tragically taken near Stratford by a deranged car driver. This is without doubt the saddest part in Bone's life on the road.

Many millions of miles have past since the day of the 7-series Dodge but, in 1993, JL & DM Newman Transport was born with the purchase of the company's first truck, a 1977 SAR Kenworth with a 400 Cummins, a 15 speed overdrive box and a 36 inch high rise which Bones had waited years to purchase. Today, and 10 trucks later, the company is still going strong and includes three Australian-built Kenworths with the pride of the fleet being a 2004 Aerodyne with, as Bones would proudly say, has twin everything. The Cummins has an 18 speed overdrive which speaks for itself.

An on time all the time attitude, and an ability to communicate with customers and other drivers has earnt Bones and the JL & DM Newman Transport name a highly recognized place in the modern day world of road transport.

His contribution to the industry, to young drivers starting out, to local and interstate charities and social events such as reunions and the Convoy for Kids are just some of his finest attributes.


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