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Year: 2010


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Arnold Lobwein (Arnie) was born in 1947 and grew up on the family farm at Purga. Prior to commencing work he drove all the farm machinery.

He started work with Kraft in the cheese factory at Quinlow. His first truck was an old Commer Knocker 3 cylinder with 6 pistons. His next truck was a long-bonneted Commer which was originally a prime-mover but had been turned into a tip truck. Arnie would do tipping work for the dairy farmer and also cart the milk cans on that truck. It had a high body and so it was a long way to throw the cans onto the back. Lifting a 10 gallon milk can that high was no mean feat and the truck carried around 40 to 50 cans at a time.

From Kraft he then did a little timber carting into sawmills and also some coal mines in the Ipswich area. This is where Arnie started his roadtrain career. He started a milk run from Milla Milla to Darwin which was at that stage recognized as the longest milk run in the world.

They weren't flash trucks; the windows would fall out, wind came up through the floor boards, no luxury of bitumen and then the wet weather conditions would add to the excitement and thrill of getting the job done.

From here Arnie moved to Simon National Carriers starting in the workshop and progressing to SAR Kenworth roadtrains to Darwin. He worked for Simon National Carriers for 28 years driving Kenworths and Volvos. His favourite truck of all was probably the K17 Kenworth SAR with a good silver 92 GM, 9 speed Road Ranger box which he drove for about 5,000,000 kms. It got along alright. Then the Volvos came into the fleet and they saw a new era of trucks and comfort levels.

Arnie has been a truck driver for over 48 years. Mateship over the years was great and many friendships were made. He had a particularly close relationship with Peter Norris (Simon NT Manager) and the Simon family which was wonderful.


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