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Year: 2010


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Barry Bazil Meyers grew up beside Longreach Transport Co. This is where his love of trucks began. If he was missing from home or school that's where he would be found.

After leaving school his parents made him work as a windmil- plumbing offsider but at 17 he told them he was going trucking. He started at Longreach Transport as the mailman; by 18 he was driving stock trucks. The early years were really hard as most roads were dirt and there was no such thing as two-ways or mobile phones in those days.

There was literally no way of communicating until you arrived at your destination. Barry would always pull-up to chat or pass on  messages as he travelled the lonely roads of central Queensland. This is where numerous great friendships were formed, many that still last to this day. Barry drove several trucks over the years, nearly each and every one of them a Mack. He carted all over Qld, NSW, NT and the top of SA carrying stock, wool and hay. He often did two trips a week to Brisbane hauling a double of wool. During times of drought he would work around the clock making sure the livestock arrived safely. This often lasted weeks with very little time off.

In the 26 years of driving roadtrains for Longreach Transport Barry only had one significant accident when he rolled down the Marburg Range with a load of wool. He showed his dedication as he wouldn't go to hospital until his truck and load were secure. In 1990 when the company was downsizing and his job couldn't be guaranteed, he went to work for the Longreach Shire Council driving a tipper water truck. During this time he still did occasional trips or maintenance for Ballard Transport, Longreach Transport and Paul Hansen Transport. He married Lyn in 1970 and had 3 children: Mark, who followed him into trucking (deceased 1997), Craig and Kary. His one regret was missing many of their early milestones and events as he was away working.

Over his career as a truck driver he has only worked (full-time) for two firms, showing his loyalty and commitment. He was and still is held in high regard by his fellow truckies, employers and graziers.

He is noted for his dedication, reliability, willingness to help others and the attention he gives to his vehicles and stock. He is still working today with no plans to retire as yet.


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