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Year: 2010

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

As a youngster David always loved trucks and enjoyed watching them roll through town listening to their gear changes. In 1950, during the big rail strike, when he was just 16, David was truck jockey in his father's 1947 jail bar Ford fitted with a 26ft semi trailer.

Usually it was loaded with oats for the grain store in Richmond. When the assigned driver couldn't cope with the gears in the crash box David was happy to take over; all the way there and back on the notorious Calder Highway.

From that day to this David continued driving. When he turned 18, it left the local policeman a little confused because he had seen him driving for years and here he was asking to get a licence. David drove an S model Bedford carting livestock for a few years before selling up and taking a job with Fitzpatrick's Transport in Charlton. After that he moved to Western Australia hauling from Leonora to Warburton in Fodens and Atkinsons before returning to taking up his job at Fitzpatrick's again.

David has driven all types of trucks over the years including Commer Knocker, Fords, Federals, Diamond T, Leylands, B-model Macks and more. However he does have a favourite! It was an ex-Ansett S model Kenworth that had plenty of power and reliability and made me feel like king of the road.

Today David still drives trucks part-time as well as running his cropping and livestock property. His wife Betty has been a great support to him over the years and now they look forward to visits from their children and grandchildren.


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