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Year: 2010


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Colin Gili was most remembered for his obsession with carrying his tool box and fixing anything that rattled or squeaked on his trucks and for the way he would be so eager to get it out to help anybody with problems. Hence the name; Toolbox!

Colin worked in a depot as a teenager learning all he could before he obtained his licence at 18 when he took on his first truck, a Thames Trader and ran general freight to Cairns and Darwin. Colin then moved to Sydney where he drove for McGlashans Transport running from Mildura and back.

Colin did the markets in Sydney and Brisbane for over ten years in B and R-model Macks. He then moved to Melbourne where he drove for companies such as Pat Tobin, Wettenalls and Ipec. After a number of years Colin moved to Mildura and started driving wine tankers for United Tankers, before moving onto Hahn Tankers and Hahn Corporation for the next 21 years.

Colin was contented at Hahn and stayed on after retirement age. At 69 years, he was on his way from Barossa Valley SA to Margaret River when he felt something was wrong. He stopped at a roadhouse, secured his truck and went inside telling the owner he didn't feel too good. These good people took Colin to the residence and laid him on the bed. Colin gave a sigh and died.

To the end he was a professional, choosing to stop rather then continue on and put the public and his beloved SAR at risk. Colin was a masterful driver who never has an accident or a loss of licence during his fifty years of working in the industry.

Colin is survived by his wife, Teresa and three children who are excited to have their father's name honoured in the Hall of Fame.

Colin was a well respected and much liked bloke who served the industry he loved.


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