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Year: 2010


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.

Kevin Farley was born 22/9/1934 and grew up with a strong interest in anything mechanical or motorized. In his retirement he still keeps a keen eye on the rapid advancement of trucks and the road transport industry.

His career started with Mayne Nickless' heavy section at South Melbourne in 1952 and after a period on local deliveries he was driving 4 and 5 cylinder Gardner powered Atkinsons on interstate. In 1959 Kevin moved on to work for Buchanans transport at NarNarGoon where he drove 180 and 190 Inters carting produce or general to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. In 1963 he commenced work for Norm Robinson at Berwick and was back driving Atkinsons which this time were powered by the bigger 6LX and LXB Gardners, Cummins and Rolls Royce. He carted produce, conveyor belting, general and coke thinking nothing of hand loading produce to go to Sydney market and return to Melbourne to shovel off coke at one of the many foundries, and constantly maintaining consistent trip times.

Kevin came off interstate in 1967 and drove for Stevenson's transport at Heyfield. He drove a B-model Mack on tanker work servicing Gippsland. After a short period he was back on interstate. In 1969 he was driving a 8/71 GM powered cab-over Kenworth for Manson transport running mainly Sydney or Adelaide carting general, produce, timber and once again shovelling coke .

In 1973 he purchased his own truck which was a 1972 Atkinson 8/71 TGM truck and dog. He was running to Sydney and many mines and power stations with conveyor belting and general returning to Melbourne with coke. Kevin then shortened the Atkinson in the driveway at home and purchased a tri-axle Fruehauf. He now had permanent work to Brisbane and in 1976 purchased an R-model Mack 320 Thermodyne. He continued to 1979 with his own work up and general back. In 1979 he left the industry for a short time working for H Hienz but was soon back in the thick of it managing the workshop for Bolch transport at Dandenong, still doing the odd trip or change-over when it was required. He then started maintaining trucks and machinery for a number of years before taking a job at Nestles Pakenham loading and unloading trucks. He retired in 1999.

Kevin still has a strong interest in the transport industry and maintains contact through his son and mates still in road transport transport.

On April 24, 2013 Kevin passed away.


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