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Year: 2009


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2009.

Nev Noske left school at 13.  He always had a desire to drive trucks and at 17 went to work for Alf Wagland in Toowoomba.  Here Nev was taught to drive in a Commer Knocker with a Freighter bogie-axle trailer doing the run from Toowoomba to Melbourne.

He did that for six months before purchasing his own Commer Knocker and McGrath trailer.  His first trip was from Star Downs (near Hughenden) with a load of wool to Brisbane.  He liked the wool game so he started to cart it from Blackall, Julia Creek and Longreach.

He started with one, and then he was pulling two trailers.  Sometimes it would take a month to get to Darwin with the road conditions, but he learned how to live rough and tough, as drivers had to be to cope with the old trucks and roads at the time.  In 1972 Nev carted from the Charleville District, 16,443 bales of wool, (which he would later come to beat in 1998 when he carted around 22,000).  Nev, along with his drivers, wore out 13 Commer Knockers before he purchased a Mack F-model 600 with a 711 quad box, second-hand from the International Harvester Company.

He then bought another F-model.  It was a bogie-drive and now Nev was in the 'Big League', with a C-motor, quad box, and all running to Darwin and returning with wool from the west.  It was in 1976 that Nev got back to one truck and two trailers but still ran to Darwin until 1978.  He bought a bogie-drive F-model with a cool power, 12-speed box and continued running Darwin until 1988.  Nev then decided to work for a company with floats for two years travelling all over Australia, but returned to an owner-driver lifestyle with a Cruiseliner Mack 350hp, bogie-drive and continued to pull floats for six months.  He then went back to Blackall and has been there ever since carting general out, and wool back.  No straighter load of wool would be seen anywhere in the world when Nev loads it.  Neville deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

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