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Year: 2009


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2009.

Jeremy Francis O'Driscoll, born in Northam, WA, initially started work for a local transport and earthmoving business in Narrogin as a bush mechanic, operator and driver.

In 1975 he bought an insolvent earthmoving and transport business in Derby.  The deal included a Leyland Hippo, a bogie low-loader, strap back flat tops, a 30 cwt Bedford, two caravans, a dozer and a grader.  Jeremy renamed the business Clan Contracting.  He was the manager, the mechanic, and also drove the Hippo and operated machines.

The first month nearly sent Jeremy broke.  An operator rolled the Bedford and caravan, the Hippo dropped a valve and the grader-driver drove the grader, caravan and fuel tanker through the concrete wings of a grid causing considerable damage.  From 1975 to 1981, Jeremy mainly did contract earthmoving and haulage for the Main Roads Dept.  In 1977 Jeremy bought an Oshkosh and, in 1979, four Kenworths; a new W 924, two 1971 W-models and a 1966 Iron Horse.

The discovery of oil at Blina in 1981 led to a flurry of oil exploration in the Kimberleys.  Jeremy concentrated on seismic line cutting, building rig sites and access roads, carting drilling mud, casing, fuel to the rigs and crude oil from Blina to Broome.  He became an expert in shifting oil rigs.  The oil work was often in very remote and rough country.  By 1987, Jeremy's fleet comprised ten Kenworths, two Macks, 15 flat tops, nine tankers, two low-loaders, a plane and numerous earthmoving machines.  Jeremy built a substantial business, in very difficult conditions, by hard work, excellent business acumen, good people skills and a willingness to take a risk.  He was supported by a dedicated, hard working and resourceful crew of drivers, operators and staff.

Jeremy sold Clan in 1990 and bought out West Kimberley Fuels, the Broome BP Fuel Distributorship and has nine T904 Kenworths, pulling triples.

Jeremy's favourite truck is the W924 which he bought in 1979.  It was such a quantum leap from his faithful Leyland Hippo.  Jeremy is an outback legend.

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